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Over the years, I've ran across more than a few strange, funny or cool bits of text from people. I've archived many of them, and am finally getting 'round to posting this page.

I've removed the e-mail addresses of the authors and people involved. If you see something you've written here and wish to have it removed, please drop me a line

Ya know, this would be a really good canidate for automating in a perl script, or a database with PHP. I really should get around to that. Maybe next year..... On to the fun!

a spoonful of sugar

  Date Added
Differences between Operating Systems 11-Jan-2007
One for the Guys 04-May-1999
Lord of the Rings, a bit condensed 21-Apr-1999
The LSD on Payphones hoax (debunked!) 19-Apr-1999
You might be from a small town if. . . 07-Apr-1999
A day in the life of a PFY 15-Feb-1999
The proper use of the word Fuck 28-Jan-1999
Pepsi Points parts 1 and 2 16-Nov-1998
NT4 SP 4 Rant 24-Oct-1998
With the recent increase in Bomb Threats, this form seems appropriate, somehow. . . 23-Oct-1998
Don't try to mug someone in SCA 05-Oct-1998
Armed Faggot (Another SCA story) 05-Oct-1998
Thumbtack! (Another SCA Story. Good day for them, eh?) 05-Oct-1998
Just what is UUCP? 28-Sept-1998
Canadians carrying guns 02-Sept-1998
Bill Clintons friends. (factual, and horrifyingly funny) 4-Sept-1998
Userology 10-Sept-1998
How to generate a nice bit of EMP 14-Aug-1998
What happens when you accellerate to lightspeed 31-July-1998
Shortly after Armegeddon came out, this discusson on gatling guns in space surfaced... 23-July-1998
SysAdmins Shorthand Guide 21-July-1998
A unique answer on the Physics final - Physics and Hell 19-Feb-1998
High Tech Security at Manchester airport, UK 02-Jan-1998
Know the law 24-Nov-1997
The Simpsons Chalk Talk 15-Oct-1997
Emacs, in the Infocom tradition 29-Sept-1997
Ravioli at Lightspeed 29-Sept-1997

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