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The story that I heard was that some goat-raper[1] mundanes saw a
male SCAdian in a _very_ fancy outfit and started making nasty
comments, possibly following him as they did so. A few minutes
into the situation, one of the goat-rapers said that the SCAdian
just had to be a faggot, since nobody else would dress like that.
The SCAdian turned and said, "Yes, but I'm an _ARMED_ faggot" as
he drew his rapier. Exeunt goat-rapers.

[1] Goat-raper (n): ultimately-derogatory term used in the
SouthWest as an insulting description of a goat-roper[2].
[2] Goat-roper (n): derogatory term used to refer to a
wanna-be cowboy.

I'd also like to know about the "Here's his wallet" story.

Mike Andrews

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