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Welcome to the collection of will england::eclectic. I have wide and varied interests, and this is just a humble attempt to catalog and offer them to the public for your perusal and review.

Shoot, after years at the top of Google for 'will england', now my Facebook page has taken that spot. Social networks are overriding traditional web... Ah well, if you can't beat them. Note the Twitter widget on the side there...

I'm currently working at Sprint as a Sr. Business Analyst for the Digital org; Sprint.com, e-marketing, Gamification, SEO and more. Before that, I helped found the Community Forums .

Most of my free time out of work goes to volunteering with the Overland Park Cub Scout Pack 3094 and now Overland Park Boy Scout Troop 387

As my kids get older, I've been helping them to put together portfolio websites - take a look at Alec England, Fine Arts Design for my oldest son. My youngest wanted a website too, so I'm making him build it the old school way with VIM and the terminal at MasonBroce.com. He's got a pretty good eye for photography, and you can see a gallery of his work there.

Professionally, outside of IT work, I grok photography - you can find all about Will England - Lensman Photography on this site. Trying out Wix for site hosting; different from Wordpress, and far more expensive, but it does offer some nice features.

However, this site is not dedicated to professional interests -- it is primarily a vehicle for recovery from the stresses of daily life and working. What is recovery, you ask? I quote Martin Hylerstedt here:

"As for recovery, I must say I'm digital. That is, using digits. For example to poke things into clay pots with earth (seeds and green stuff), or putting things into hot pans until they stop wriggling, or joining woden things together in interesting configurations, occasionally covering them with paint or lacquer. Oh, and drinking heavily."

Martin Hylerstedt in the SDM, 2000-04-03

08-09-2018 Moved hosting providers; the old one just up and died. Used a backup from 2014; I don't think I lost much. Pardon the various broken links while I update some of the configuration.

28-JUN-2010 (wow - five year update cycle): Updated my resume

You can also find me on Twitter @wingland and Facebook, as well as LinkedIN. And just because my kid knows my email better than my phone, you can call me at 913-269-6739. Cause when you search for my email, this is the first page that comes up.

10-2005 - I have joined 2005 by creating a 'blog - Mobile, Video, Audio, the whole nine yards. All for free, too, courtesy of Google. This will have much faster refresh on content than here. (like 5 times daily!)

Search is working again after the server move.

Moved the server to new better hardware.

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Recovery Related

Shotokan Karate - a martial art, or fighting method, involving a variety of techniques, including blocks, strikes, evasions, throws, and joint manipulations. Karate practice is divided into three aspects: kihon (basics), kata (forms), and kumite (sparring).

"True karate is this: that in daily life one's mind and body be trained and developed in a spirit of humility, and that in critical times, one be devoted utterly to the cause of justice."
--Gichin Funakoshi

Outdoors in Kansas is one of the best reasons for staying in this wasteland. Big, empty, plenty of room for recovery. Watching stars, riding morotcycles, camping, hiking and more; Read about it in

Living well is the best recovery. Information on enjoying a good, fulfilling life and staying healthy. Good bit on RSI and Carpal Tunnel, too. Read about it in...

Not sure if this qualifies as recovery, but WTF? It'll impress Jody Foster for sure. :-)

Now, working in the computer business can tend to be stressful. A dose of sugar often helps the medicine go down. I've collected a few humorous or interesting quips listed for your perusal in . . .

Many a night has been passed by reading a good book -- take a look at the new database driven book review section to find a new favorite book, or to add your picks for good books in . . .

Art, to include video creation, editing and distribution, and photography have always been hobbies of mine. Also, see some tips on sculpture and metal work in . . .

Food is always relaxing - whether cooking or eating! Recipes, tips and stories in . . .

Finally, if all else fails, I find that shooting competitively really works the stress-relief magic. SKS info, Mossberg shotgun info, bullseye shooting and more in . . .

Non-recovery related

Now that we have all that recovery out of the way, I do have a bit of computer and technology related info to pass on as well.

And, the standard stuff - my resume.

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