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Seti@Home :: Team Fox Lake

We were a mismatched group of mud-worshipin jetski ridin bums with a few extra CPU cycles to spare.

I had a script written to pull our stats, but I got tired of changing it every time the Seti@Home folks changed the layout of their webpage. You can see the old script and all here

Team Members

Accurate as of about February, 2000

Nathan Morton

Team founder, resident astronomer and Unix geek. Need to update what boxes he's running this on.

Mike Prestage

Hardware wizard. Has lots of high powered boxes. Also need to update his CPU list.

Will England


Other Cool Bits

External Links

There are quite a few sites dedicated to the Seti@home project -- A few of the more interesting ones are linked below. If you'd like your page added, just drop me a line.

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