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Ummm! Foood!

Eating, cooking and dining out are some of my favorite things. We'll be presenting a list of unique recipees, resturaunts and other bits here.

Coming soon (or later...) - Resturaunt and hangout review - you submit your favorite dives, diners and delis!

First, the Billy Goat Tavern, in Chicago. Immortalized in the Saturday Night Live skit, it is located at:

"The Billy Goat Tavern, on Van Buren, about 2 blocks from the Sears Tower. I just had lunch over there a couple days ago. Sadly, they do serve hamburgers, fries, and coke now. The sign mentions a couple other locations, so I'm not sure if that's the original one or not."

-- courtesy of Peter L. Buschman, Systems Engineer @ Concentric Network Corporation

Next, we must have our essentials for preparing asian foods. Thanks (again) to Skud.

Now that we have that, we should know some good meta-rules for cooking, once again, courtesy of Skud.

And with that out of the way, we can move right into cooking. First, we should address our friends who may not eat everything in sight, who choose to eat a vegetarian diet. (Sheesh - again, courtesy of Skud. )

Now, for everyone else, we have a collection of Fried Rice recipies (Ricepies?).

Other food fixins:


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