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I feel it incumbent upon me to contribute to the recovery of my fellow
monks by giving my directions for Damn Tasty Pizza(tm), invented one
night when I had started to make one type of pizza, and my friend who was
helping me had started a different one.

Actually, it's fairly simple, but I never fail to get compliments on it.

1) Make pizza crust.
I'm not going to bother telling you how, because everybody has their
own favourite recipe. I will recommend you avoid at all costs
anything that substitutes sugar for honey, but that's your own

2) Make a nice and thick bechamel sauce.
Again, if you need to be told how to do this, you have no business
making this pizza.

3) Get a deep-dish pizza pan, and line the bottom of it with a relatively
thin layer of pizza dough (as compared to how you'd normally make a
deep-dish pizza crust). Use a little less than half the dough you
made in step 1). Sprinkle with cornmeal, if you like.

4) Pour the bechamel sauce on the pizza dough, and cover it with fresh

5) Cover this with the rest of the pizza dough.

6) Top this part of the pizza with a tomato-based sauce. My favourite
involves one can of tomato paste, one of tomato sauce, and spice to
taste (I can't eat actual pieces of tomato; if you can, substitute

7) Put whatever you'd put on a normal pizza on top, and bake.
It doesn't seem to matter much what you do-- the key is to put the
spinach-and-bechamel layer on the bottom; everything else seems to
fall out nicely from there.

8) Enjoy, with the Libation Of Your Choice.
Depending on the season, I'll drink a Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout, or
a Fat Tire Amber Ale. Sometimes (if they got 'em), an Oasis
Blueberry Wheat. Yeah, it sounds odd, but it's mmmmm tasty.


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