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From: "Peter H. Coffin"

Leftover rice about .5l per person
eggs 1 per person
soy sauce
oil (choose according to what tastes good with below -- if in doubt, use
stuff -- whatever you have, almost literally. I've made tasty fried rice
dinners with things as unlikely as hot dogs and diced bits of pickles.

crumble leftover rice so that you don't have big lumps (>1cm).
Cut and chop stuff appropriately, small enough that you won't need to
cut it again.
heat a drizzle of oil in the wok. (See Thorfinn's post for wok criteria)
cook stuff in hot oil stirring constantly with your woktool. (metal
spatula or turner, blade shaped like a triangle made up of convex arcs
instead of lines, turned up slightly at the edges, 15 cm or so across at
the sidest bit of the blade.) add the stuff in proportion to cooking
time, heavy or watery or meaty bits first, leafy stuff last.
dump in rice to stop the stuff from cooking. stir until mixed well, add
more oil (drizzle around the edges until the oil run into the bottom of
the wok and starts to crackle.)
stir until rice is hot and steaming.
crack eggs into hot rice. watch for unfortunate bits of shell and remove
stir until egg is cooked (most will appear to vanish, and the whole mess
will get a lot less sticky and start looking likefried rice should,
though the color will be off.)
Add soy sauce until the color is right, while stirring.
Remove to dishes.
remove heat from wok, and wipe out wipe out with paper towels. If you've
used enough oil, that will be all the cleaning it requires. If there is
sauces or juice stuck to it, rub off same with water-moistened towels
followed by oil-moistened paper towels. cover wok. (You'll be using it
again tomorrow, but there's no sense in letting the cats nap in it or

Salad is what food eats.


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