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rjoiner@xxxx.com wrote:
>Speaking of cooking, I'm looking for recommendations on what
>to cook a MOTOS who's effectively a vegetarian. Me, I'm usually
>a carnivore, so I'm lost as to what to cook, other than a salad.

Ahhh, here I can help you. I have a vegetarian SO and quite a lot of
vegie friends, while not being vegie myself (though I go through
non-carnivorous phases). Some of the things I've come up with include:

pasta with various vegie toppings
- pasta with tomatoish topping
- pasta with pesto
- pasta with creamy mushroomy stuff
- pasta with pumpkiny stuff
many kinds of stir fry type things
- stir fry with lots of vegies, chilli, garlic and ginger
- eggplant, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes etc
- stir fry with noodly things
- vegie fried rice
vegie lasagne
vegie pizza
many kinds of soups
- pumpkiny
- tomatoey
- vegie and barley
- potato and leek
- minestrone
- amazing turkish lentil and spinach soup, yum!
(even thorfy likes this)
vegie stew type things (I like african ones with sweet potato)
risottos and pilafs
stuffed vegetables
vegie kebabs
felafel and other middle eastern dishes

Things to keep in mind: if you're feeding vegetarians full time, you
need to ensure that they get protein and stuff. This means that
dishes will almost always have beans or nuts or similar in them. If
you're only cooking for them occasionally, they'll usually cope
without this stuff, but will be appreciative if you use it.

Just because it's vegie food doesn't mean it has to all look like
side dishes. Vegetarians hate being given a meal that looks like it's
got a big blank space where the meat's sposed to be. Ideally you'll
have a "main" vegie dish with auxiliary carbs, salad, etc.

Lastly, if you don't know much about vegie food, you can fake it by
having interesting side dishes. No, really! Just make sure you've
got interesting bread or unusual grainy things and it'll make the
whole meal more interesting.


Kirrily 'Skud' Robert

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