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Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 02:19:17 GMT
From: Chris Adams
Subject: Re: <RANT Type="WIN95 Sux!">

On 23 Oct 1998 08:19:29 GMT, Mike Andrews wrote:

>were still alive this morning. This is a marked contrast to the
>[mis]behavio[u]r of WinBlows95, which has been observed to crater
>while loading the blank screensaver, or just while sitting in the
>idle loop and catching timer pops.


Continuing the Microsoft Can't Program thought:
Today I applied SP4 to an NT box. They have 8 pages in a small font of fixes
listed. I found a few humorous problems affecting this High Powered Cutting
Edge Enterprise-Class Server OS <gag> they've inflicted on me:

<UI EXCUSE="Ranting about it helps *me* recover" EXCUSE2="Besides, it's only

Q109993 Winsock Application Causes 0x0000000A Blue Screen STOP Message
[IOW: User-mode processes kill the server]

Q143160 Enterprise Server Stops During Print Spooling

Q154398 BDC Secure Channel May Fail if More Than 250 Computer Accounts
[Such scalability...]

Q157032 Servcies for Macintosh may Cause STOP 0x0A During High Loads
[Great Server, Bill!]

Q158396 Explorer Hanges When Creating a New Folder on a MAC Volume
[Such QA!]

Q159595 Missing Uppercase "A" Character in the 1257 Font
[There's that pesky QA department again...]

Q171181 Deadlock in TCP/IP on Multiprocessor Computers
Q171458 Windows NT May Fail On Request to Open Large Files
[Scalability again...]

Q174234 Computer Hangs with Intensive 16-bit Code Running in a VDM
[Ummm, isn't the point of a VDM to keep DOS apps from running wild?]

Q175745 Memory Leak When Using Win32 GetClipboardFormat API
[With their stunning success implementing a clipboard, they're
clearly ready for Enterprise Computing]

Q176211 Console-mode Apps May Run Slowly on Multiprocessor Computers
Q177245 Multiprocessor Computer May Hang Because of Tcpip.sys
[Oh, *all* enterprise servers have this problem...]

Q178110 FPNW Does Not Allow OS/2 Clients to Open Files
[Gee, I bet they spent a lot of time trying to fix this one...]

Q179873 Files Open with UNC Path May Be Closed Prematurely
[Hmmm - this is a *Network* operating system?]

Q182333 Excessive Processor Usage on Print Servers
[Applications? No. Files? No. Printers? No. Other than Bill's wallet,
what *does* it serve well?]

Q183054 Taking Ownership Remotely May Set Owner Incorrectly
Q183676 Window Position of Windisk.exe Causes Access Violation
[Have they heard of parameter validation?]

Q184101 Small Single and Double-Precision Values Are Rounded to Zero
[So NT *can* accurately express its value...]

Q184278 Server in One Domain May Disconnect Client in Another Domain
Q184288 GP Fault May Occur with IIS on Multi-processor System
Q184537 Very Large Files Cause Performance Problems
[... as do small, medium and large files]

Q184879 Windows NT Logon Dialog May Disappear
Q185559 Negative Value in NtGdiFastPolyPolyline Causes Blue Screen
[Parameter validation Part II]

Q185735 Explorer Crashes When Dragging Notes Files over Toolbar
Q185736 Applications May Appear Hung or Unresponsive on Windows NT 4.0
[Trying for the Understatement of the Year Award]

Q186101 FTP Client Does Not Show the Correct Transfer Size for Files
Q186247 Users Are Unable to Print to Server
Q187518 Apps Using Beep API on Multiprocessor Systems May Crash
Q187830 Performance Decrease Transmitting Data over the Network
["Great Server" Part II]

Q188700 Screensaver Password Works Even if Account Is Locked Out
Q189061 Repeated Regsavekey/Regrestorekey Actions Corrupt Registry Hive
Q189080 TCP Connection May Drop When Transferring Large Amounts of Data
Q191285 Services for Macintosh Index Corruption on Large Volumes
[Microsoft's Crack QA Team to the Rescue Again! Quick - to the

Q193056 Problems in Date/Time after Choosing February 29 in a Leap Year


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