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SCAdian is hitchhiking (reason unknown). Dressed in mundanes[0], but
with mail[2] underneath (again, reason unknown). Gets picked up. After
a mile or so, driver opens cheap switchblade, sticks it against
SCAdian's ribs, and says "Put your wallet on the dashboard." SCAdian
refuses. Driver pushes; switchblade breaks. SCAdian draws large
dagger, puts it against driver's ribs, and says, "Your turn". Driver,
scared shitless, complies with that order and further orders to pull
over, hand over keys, and pop the hood. SCAdian reaches in, rearranges
wires from distributor cap, shuts hood, and starts walking. Eventually
manages to flag down a police car. Tells police something like,
"Someone just tried to mug me. Here's what he looks like [shows them
driver's license]. Here's the rest of his wallet. You'll find him
parked about half a mile down the road. He'll need a bit of help with
his distributor cap."

First heard this one sometime around '84 or so, IIRC.

[0] Mundane[1] clothing.
[1] As opposed to SCAdian.
[2] Not as in email, but the stuff often mistakenly called chain mail.

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