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>>Reminds me of a story (allegedly true) story, a friend told me. A
>>friend of his was into Viking reenactment and was a member of a group
>>of like-minded fellows (called Thorgard IIRC). [...]
>My FOAF SCA story involves a bloke working in a liquor store. He got in
>the habit of wearing his mail all day, to get used to the weight. One day
>these guys came in and asked for something that happened to be on a low
>shelf. He leaned over to get it, felt a thump, and looked up to see a
>completely empty store and a switchblade on the counter.

I've a BOAF[0] story that's vaguely related.

Said guy was scheduled to start work as a teacher in a school in a
*really* bad neighbourhood. Also, his torso was in a partial cast for
some reason or other. The relevant part is that his breastbone was
protected by a layer of plaster, under his shirt.

So the first day of class, he shows up in in suit and tie, and opens all
of the windows in the room and goes and sits down at his desk.
Apparently it was quite windy that day, and his tie began flapping in
most annoying fashion. So he grabbed a thumbtack from his desk, took
off his shoe, and used the shoe to hammer the tack through his tie into
his "chest." Then he went on with the class, as if nothing were wrong.

He said he didn't get too much trouble from those kids...

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