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(void) writes:

> Balls. In American English, 'fucking' is an infix intensifier, and is
> very nearly position-independent. "300 pieces of mail" can be infixed to
> become "300 fucking pieces of mail" or "300 fucking pieces of fucking
> mail" or even "Three fucking hundred fucking pieces of fucking mail". If
> the mail were annoying enough, there could be a 'fucking' between every
> two letters of the phrase.

Was it not in this newsgroup that someone demonstrated the
useful of the word fuck by translating something like "I am upset to
see that the hardware stopped working after the techs worked on it" to

"Fuck! The fucking fuckers fucked the fucking fucker!"

Mark Atwood


followed up by:

Canonical form, I think, is "Fuck! The fucking fucker's fucking fucked!".



And the post that started it all:

Nir Soffer wrote:
: Damn. Where did I see a quote similar to this:

: 'Damnations, I'm most displeased with the performance of the people
: who fixed this machine gun' was translated by the master gunnery Sgt.
: to 'Fuck! The fucking fucks fucking fucked the fucking fuck up!'

ITYM '... fucked the fucker the fuck up.' Even Master Sergeants speak
English (or American) sometimes.


And now from the legal profession, the legal status of the F-word:

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