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Date: 2 Sep 1998 21:55:35 -0400
From: Anthony DeBoer
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Rebecca Ore wrote:
> [getting pulled over]
> The truly fun thing is if you have a concealed weapon and
> appropriate permit. According to a friend of mine who also
> found traveling with her weapons to be quite the experience,
> the drill in this case is --

I was talking to a fellow Canadian who was travelling south to a firearms
competition with a couple of friends. Their car broke down on the
highway just as they were passing through one of the less good inner-city
parts of the USA. Some moments later an officer of the law pulled up
behind them, ascertained that the car wouldn't go, then asked the
question they had been dreading:

"You boys have any guns?"

They were smart enough to come clean straight off, and hastened to
explain that they had all their paperwork in order and the competition
handguns they were carrying to the event were properly secured per
Canadian law; unloaded, trigger locks in place, disassembled, locked in a
secure container, placed in the trunk, chained in place, and the trunk
filled with quick-setting concrete[1]. The police officer had a bit of
a problem with that situation, and said approximately:

"Are y'all crazy? Y'all are in a BAAAAD part of town. I want you
to get those guns out, load them, and carry them on your person. Now,
I'm going to call you a tow truck. It'll be green and say triple-A on
the side. If anyone else stops here, I want you to shoot them."

Well, the first rule is you don't argue with the cop.

[1] I believe some of those steps may not actually be required by
Canadian law. Yet.

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