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From will@mylanders.com Mon Apr 19 09:01:23 1999
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 08:55:43 -0500 (CDT)
From: Will England <will@mylanders.com>
To: Jen

Subject: Re: Warning!

Good Morning!

While this sounds *really scary*, there is some good information out there
on this --

(it's a hoax)


(Yup - that's a hoax)

(Matter of fact, that sounds a lot like this one:)

There's enough to be scared of out there, without adding to the hysteria.
Before you post a *really scary story*, be sure to check miningco.com,
snopes.com and urbanlegends.com for the real dope. :-)

Now, this one sounds like it may have been started by the cell phone
companies - maybe Sprint? Ya see, they are trying to get everyone to use
PCS phones, rather than payphones, and I have a buddy who works down at
the Sprint receiveng docs, and he said they just got a big truckload of
barrels marked "Poison" in. . . Ya know what this is?!? is's a
CONSPIRICY! A Big Business CONSPIRICY to kill off everyone that isn't
using a Cell Phone yet! And the AMA is in it too, cause cell phone cause
cancer, and if every one is using them, all the docs will make tons more
money! Yeah! that's it! the FBI is in on it, too, cause they can track
people using PCS phones, but not pay phones - it s Guvvmint conspiracy!
Next thing you know, you'll be seeing these black hellicopters hovering
over payphones, ready to blast enyone making a call with their
ElectroMagneato RayGuns! (that they got from the alien technology out at
Area 52). (not 51, *that's* a hoax, too!)

have a nice day!


Jan: Our monitors go 'doink' when they change HSCAN freq. Is this normal?
jguthrie: Do they also go "Narf!" and say things like "I think so, Brain, but
where are we going to find leather pants in our size?"

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