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Getting the hell out of the city, away from the noise and people and cars and smog and stress is often conducive to recovery. Since we're in Kansas, there isn't often the "grand tour" locations to go. Hence, some of the odder places to visit in Kansas and Northern Oklahoma.


Big Brutus the Giant Earth Mover

West Mineral, KS
Just out side of Missouri on US 160
136 miles one way.

Hubbles Rubble People

Across 160, blip up toward Moline, run North on K99 past Howard
and see "Hubble's Rubble People" -- a collection of large metal

"tin man from Wizard of Oz, batman and his motorcycle, an outhouse tumbled
by a tornado"

Dalton Museum

Coffeyville, KS
90 miles, one way
Site of the Dalton Gangs' failed bank robbery.

Burlingame, KS - Kansas Prairie Easter Island Heads

Exotic elements of the South Pacific in Kansas?
On a hill on the south side of US-56 highway between Burlingame and Osage
City, Kansas, stand seven huge eye-catching re-creations of the unique
statues of Easter Island.

The works are the creation of Butch Mauer, an auto mechanic who runs Salt
Creek Restoration in Lyndon, Kansas. The statues were placed on the
highest hill in Osage County, which is owned by Bill Sperry. The site is
in full view of the highway. "

Lets see, avoiding the turnpike, we do this:

US77 to Eldorado.  US54 to Us 75.  Us75 north to US56.  US 56 west to

Returning, do the same.  Stop at intersection of I35 and US75 for lunch at
Beto Junction.

I'd say it's like 500 round trip miles.

Lets see if I can figure this one out...

Burlingame to Beto:     37 miles
Beto to yates center:   37 miles
Yates to Eldorado:      65 miles
Eldorado to Winfield:   52 miles
Total:                 191 miles one way.  Call it 200

So, about 400 mile day.  I think we could do that.  Butt-pointless, but
isn't that the point?

Largest Hand-Dug Well & Meteroite

Greensburg, KS
About 150 miles West of Wichita on US54
Also via US160 West to US 183, turn North at Goldwater, KS.

Completely pointless, but...

The Atomic Cannon

Junction City, KS
Due North on US77; can't miss it.
About 150 miles one way.

Absolutely huge cannon designed to fire atomic shells 15 to 20 miles.

Catoosa, OK Blue Whale

Outside of Tulsa, OK
About 190 miles one way
Yes, a giant, wooden blue whale.  

"The "blue whale" in Catoosa, Oklahoma, is a (dare I say 
"life-sized"??) whale in a small pond, painted an eye-
catching blue. "

Langley, OK Stuff

US 166 to Coffeyville, US 169 S. to Nowata, OK.
US 60 East to US 69 S.
Us 69S to Adair.  Poke around a bit east from there.
About 170 miles one way.

South and just East of Grand lake, Langley has the 
largest multiple arch dam in the world holding
back Grand Lake.  Plus, it's Grand Lake.  

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