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For some odd reason, I want a motorcycle. Have for years. Thus, I've looked around, and it seems that the old Maxim is about the best price / value for an old (10+ years) bike.

I finally found one! Read about my bike

First off, the Used Bike FAQ. Read this first.

"A Used Bike?!? Why Used? I want a shiny new one!" -- read this.

BUY USED because as a new rider you are BOUND to drop it on some gravel/sand/oil/wet grass at least a few times, and you will feel aweful if you put a dent or scratch in your brand new $8,000 bike. If you break the clutch handle and turn signals on your $1,500 used starter you won't feel as bad, and it may not cost as much to fix it. Dropping does NOT necessarily mean at speed. I dropped my starter several times on wet grass, and it was tipped by some unknown kids playing on it too :( I know this because I found toys wedged in the engine block. . .

1999/04/20, David Hilgendorf (raiser@csd.sgi.com) in rec.motorcycles

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