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Primary: Writing. Walking. Photographing. I'll be mostly over at Will England : Wired by Wierd by England

Corporate: Finding cool new ways to use analytics to help multinational companies help their customers.

Personal Set a goal to save $200,000 by my 65th year. Ran the numbers. Put the right numbers in direct deposit. Got a nice severance package from a previous gig that put me 40% of the way there!

Family Support the kids as they work through college and careers.

My Daily Now

Social:Located on https://flyovercountry.social/@wingland

Find, support and listen to music from independent, small Northern European metal bands.
Develop personal defense skills matching my interests and talent
Lean Out - Reduce my commitment to increase my contentment
Document - Improve my photography and videography. Display the best
Simplify - Donate or sell most anything I don't use. Even books.
Go Ride - Ride my motorcycle. It's cheaper than therapy.

- December 1, 2023


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Disclaimer: Anything I have to say is mine, dammnit! My employers, clients nor anyone else can take credit (or be blamed) for it.

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