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Normally, I use S&B 115gn for tin-cans, and Hydrashock 135gn for IPSC, but I saw some Wolf at the KC Gun Show, so I bought a hundred rounds.

Right off the bat, I'll say that it seems to be hotter than both the S&B and the Federal. Much louder, and smokier too. Along with the smoke comes quite a bit more crud in the action of my Glock.

Wolf 9mm ammo
Wolf 9mm

However, that is a small concern compared to the accuracy of the ammo! I was shooting bluerock laid out at 10, 15, 20 and 30 yards - one shot, one hit at point of aim. With the S&B, I have to aim a tad high to hit, but the wolf shot directly to point of aim. I didn't get any groups shot, but one incident may give you an idea of the accuracy.

I was getting a bit bored hitting the stationary blue rock, so I asked my friend to toss one out over the range.

We didn't have a thrower, so he just frisbeed it, and at about 15 yards out I fired and hit it! Rather cool, I thought.

So, I want to buy quite a bit more of this ammo, obviously.

Followp, November 2000

I did I side-by-side comparison with S&B 115 grain 9mm and Wolf 115 grain 9mm ammunitinon this weekend at the range. I was shooting my 5" barrel Glock 17 at a range of 7 yards, rapid fire to simulate a "stress-fire" situation. Granted, this is not the ammunition to use for personal defense, but it is often what is loaded at the time.

At 7 yards, the S&B printed roughly a 6" group of 10 rounds in 6 seconds. The group center was about 2" below the point of aim on the target.

The Wolf printed roughly a 4" group of 10 rounds in 6 seconds. The group center was directly at point of aim.

Conclusion? Glocks like Wolf ammo.

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