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Back in October of 2001, I managed to strip the head out of a screw on the mastercylinder of my Concours. I asked the COG list for ideas, and came up with quite a few. However, my own way of getting 'unscrewed' was rather creative.

As you may have heard, I had a rather stuck and stripped screw in the front brake mastercylinder.

I got a lot of good ideas from the list, and tried most of em. Tried percussive persuasion. Tried ramming a small flat-head screwdriver and turning it with that. No luck.

Tried removing the one screw and turning the cover - no go. Turns out there is a signifigant lip underneath the cover.

Went to the hardware store and bought a drill bit and an easy out. Got one of the twisted kind - thought that might work better than the last easy out I had.

Got home, drilled. Drilled some more. Drilled even more. Still, the easy-out wouldn't bite. Drilled some more. Finally got the easyout to bite a bit. But, not enough. So, I got my hammer back out, took the easyout in the pliers and gently tapped it in. Bing! The easyout took a dive for the center of the fairing. Long gone.


Pulled the bottom fairing, no easyout. Well, while I'm here, I figured I'd rotate the air wings for winter.

With that done, I'm just sad. I'm going to have to go spend more money on this damn thing. I took one more look at the toolbox to see if anything else might work. Took a half-hearted swipe at it with a big phillips. No Go.

Figured I'd try a small phillips when my eye spied one of them neverused Torx drivers sitting in there, with just about a 4mm tip on it and damn sharp points. Say...

Grabbed the Torx driver and a hammer and beat it in place in the hole I've drilled in the screw. Gave it a twist and what do you know? Out came the offending screw.

I pulled all the rest of the screws from both the master cylinder and the clutch cylinder and replaced em with M5x12mm machine screws. They aren't weather proof, tho, so those will be coming out just as soon as Murphs' stainless screws show up.


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