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Adjusting Chain Slack

Back when I had a VFR, I noticed that the chain was a bit loose on the bike (read: hitting the swingarm). Now, I've never really known how much to adjust the chain, or how to adjust the chain. Just what I read in the owners manual.

So, I spent a bit of yesterday afternoon reading about 100 posts from the Archives.

Last night, I put into practice what I learned.

First, you'll need a good metal ruler or tape measure graduated in mm's. I used a locking tape measure. It's a good idea if it can stand on it's own so you don't need 3 hands.

Second, I learned that the chain adjustment is the same measured on the centerstand as it is on the sidestand. I adjusted the chain to 25mm deflection -- pull the chain down firmly, note the position, push up firmly, note the position -- on the centerstand. When I had the bike on the sidestand, the defection was the same. (+/-1mm)

Third, 25mm deflection is not much! Sure seems tight to me. But, the bike is considerably smoother during throttle roll on and much quieter.

Finally, it appears that I've been running the chain too loose for about the past 6,000 miles or so (~40mm deflection) and it has taken a bit of a toll on the sprockets. Should still be able to get another 5 or 8K out of them tho.

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