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Emergency survival bars - I found this recipe I believe at Waltons'

Nurtional analysis: food energy per bar: 74%
Protien 135%
Total lipids fats 12%
Carbs 93%
Total saturated fats 8%
1000 cal. per bar

The Recipe

3c. cereal(oatmeal,cornmeal or wheat flakes)
1/4 t. salt
3T. honey
21/2c. powdered milk
1/2c. jello (optional)
1/4c. water
Add raisins if you like
Put all dry ingred. except jello in bowl. Bring honey,water and jello to
boil.  Add to dry ingred.  Mix well.  Place in small square dish and dry in oven
under very low heat. Wrap and store. This will make 2 bars - what one person
would require for 1 day.

These store for long time if cooked untill quite dry and can be eaten dry or
cooked in about 3/4 c. water .....

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