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Classic "anvil" thuderhead rolling in at sunset, lightning and rain.

These Images also go with the above video -- you really can't put detailed weather maps in a 320x240 MPEG file.

*** Wichita Radar 7:30 PM Central Time, 34K png
Note the storm to the right side near CNU -- that's the cell that spawned the tornado in Parsons.

*** KC Radar Summary, 7:15 PM Central Time, 39K png
Note the storm near Parsons again -- 50,000 foot cloud tops!

*** KC Radar Summary, 7:45 PM Central Time, 43K png
Now you can see the 50,200 foot cloud top near KC -- That's the blow-up that is on the video. From 30K to over 50K in less than 30 minutes!

Courtesy Intellicast


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