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What we have is a collection of home-videos I've taped, edited and put out for your viewing. I used the Pinnacle DC-10 with the Studio 1.05 app for the majority of this. Once I get more info, I'll add a software page with details on MPEG and Divx encoders. No info about DeCSS, tho; not untill there's consumer- priced DVD-video recorders.

OMG this is old. And bit-rotted - how do you play RealPlayer 7 videos??? Oh well. (Oct 30, 2009)

August, 2008: Well, this hasn't been updated in forever. I've gone consumer in a way, posting my latest videos you YouTube. Save my bandwidth, anyway.

Video Creation Resoruces: I'm helping my son make videos for school for extra credit. As I find crap, I'll note it here so I can find it again.

And the archive of older videos hosted here:

Video Basics


2002-06-18: Carol was on TV! See the Fox 4 interview

2001-12-30: Uploaded 'November trap shootin'

2001-12-30: Added Alec's first train set.

2001-02--4: Added Conversations with Kevin: What crystal meth does to you, and Remembering a whop-a-chooli party

2001-02-03: Added Nathan Morton, playing an original compostion on guitar.

2000-10-11: Added complete index of all videos

2000-10-10: First Digi-cam video up: the dog; added no-reason video section.

2000-10-08: Got Sony TRV120 Digital 8 camera. More to come!

2000-09-30: Created new videos: Dave ona Jetski and Fox Lake Trapshoot.

2000-09-27: Uploaded new versions of some of the old videos. Used Real Producer to encode several different quality streams.


You can find Real Player 7 free at: Real Networks -- look to the bottom right of the product list for Real Player Basic. It's free. Or, you can try this dierct dump: RealProducer 8.0 Gold download


The Clips