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Considered by some to be little more than commercial pap, I happen to like taking quality pictures. Art is simply reproducing life, eh? I have neither the time, nor the patience to work in oil paints or to gingerly etch the the image of reality from within the confines of a stone.

Thus, I take pictures of what already exists. With careful attention to the light, the shapes and the lines, something of quality can be produced.

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Moving on, being that this is the Internet, the humble viewer is most likely either looking for equipiment reviews, stuff for sale or pictures. I haven't any images scanned in for your perusal, and if I own something, I am either using it, or plan on using it sooner or later. But, in terms of equipiment reviews . . .

I started out back in 1986(?) with an Olympus AX2 point and shoot that allowed, er, required me to manually focus, set the shutter speed and aperture. It was a nice bit of aperture-priority kit, and I learned quite a bit from it. Suprisingly, you can still get them from B&H, used for about $99 in 9+ condition,with electronic flash. Good starter camera; I'm going to order one for my wife.

Next, I migrated to the usual succession (or should that be suck-session) of fully automatic point and shoot boxes. I got smart after the 3rd one died on me and purchased a used Minolta X-700 and a couple of lenses. It worked. It was basically bullet-proof. I had it for ten years, through college and over 30,000 miles of driving.

Anyway, I just traded that in on a slightly newer Minolta 5xi. I don't have a whole lot to say on this one yet, so I'll let others speak for me.

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