WWW Icons Library

Now here's a bright idea! Brighten up your Web page with graphics!

The following image documents show all sorts of Gif format icon images. You are free to copy them for your own use - however, I do ask you not to directly link to these images. This is a dynamic site, and things do change. I wouldn't want your page to show broken icons because I changed something.

Also on this site are a collection of .xbm and .xpm images for use either in web pages or for your X-Windows system. Coming soon will be images specifc for 16-bit and 24-bit X-Windows, like Afterstep and such.

Remember, the difference between a page with attractive graphics and one without is like the difference between day and night.

Pages for...


Misc Color

Misc Bitmaps

Balls (for lists)

Squares (for lists)

Diamonds (for lists)


Fancy Lines

Button Arrows

Buttons A-M

Buttons N-Z

Small Buttons

Rounded Buttons

Latex-to-Html Buttons

Action Buttons

Symbols and Markers

Box DIY Pieces

Standard Bitmaps

Other Local R&T Icons

32 pixel square, black-and-white X-pixmap icons

48 pixel square, black-and-white X-pixmap icons

64 pixel square, black-and-white X-pixmap icons

Miscellaneous black-and-white X-pixmap icons

An uncataloged local directory of gif widgets

Full-color, gif background starter tiles

External Sites of Note

VServers Webmaster Resources - Also a good place to host a web site. . .

Yahoo - Hundreds and Hundreds of pages... -----lemming-swimmer----