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Top half disassebled

Getting quite a pile of parts, aren't we? Just about done -- but, this is often the hardest part to get free. We are now going to remove the trigger assembly and the magazine housing. This will also free up the reciever and barrel from the stock.

Oh, yes, one thing first -- extend the bayonett and remove the cleaning rod. You'll need that in a bit. Also, get the cleaning kit from the buttstock.

OK, now to remove the trigger assembly, you'll need some kind of punch. If you have a brass punch set, more power to you. If not, you can fashion a make-shift one from the cleaning kit. Just insert the thin punch provided into one set of the holes in the side of the case. There should be a hole offset just right to make a t-shaped punch.

Improvised punch using the provided tool kit.

Make sure the safety is set (lever is in the UP postion.) Next, using the punch, depress the indented button on the back of the trigger group. This may take a bit of doing. It may also help to pull the trigger assembly forward and away from the stock. When the trigger group comes out, it worked.

You can also now remove the magazine and magazine well. Just pull straight down. Note that when you re-assemble the weapon, you need to put the magazine well in *before* you reattach the trigger assembly. At this point, you may replace the standard 10-round fixed magazine with a higher capacity magazine. I haven't; I've found that stripper clips are just as fast to reload with.

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