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SKS Disassembly

SKS Disassembly, Action detail

OK, so you want to detail clean the firing pin and all? It's not hard -- just find the pin that holds the firing pin in place. Now, push the firing pin out from the back, and drive that pin out. The firing pin and spring will come out the back of the block. To remove the extractor, press it firmly back, and pull outward. It'll come loose fairly easily.

Gunk in the firing pin channel is the biggest cause of slamfires -- be sure to clean this thouroughly and use *very little* oil in here, if any at all. You want the firing pin to be free-floating.

Push this pin out with a punch.

Please Note: the action depicted is from an early Russian variant and has a spring surrounding the firing pin. Most later variants will not have a spring loaded firing pin, decreasing complexity and cost, but increasing the chance of 'gunk' causing the pin to protrude leading to slam-firing.

That's it, folks!

The parts will look like this when disassembled.

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