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Today we cover disassembly and cleaning of the SKS 7.62 x 39 rifle. We have a series of detailed pictures of each step of the operation, and notes and cautions.

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The SKS is one of the simplest semi-automatic rifles to disassemble and clean. It also really doesn't require much cleaning -- it was designed with very loose tolerances, and as such, can operate when many other rifles would have jammed up.

However with such loose tolerances, the accuracy may suffer. Take a look at my latest effort with this one: 50 yards, Wolf 123gr 84k .gif image

Image of Russian SKS fully assembled.

That's about it, unless you'd like to further clean the firing pin assembly.

Additional SKS Resources

As time has passed, I've pulled together more SKS info. I really should redo this site so this is an index page. Ah well, the more time I spend working on web pages, the less time I'm out shooting.

Anyway, here's more info:

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