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Below is a letter I fired off to, well, everyone.

January 28, 2000

Dear Sir or Madam:

President Clinton made a fine point on Gun Control 
in his State of the Union Speech.  Guns should be 
licensed exactly like cars.  I'd like to examine 
just what that means.  To quote Mr. Clinton: 

  "Every state in this country already requires {...}
   automobile drivers to have a license. I think they 
   ought to do the same thing for handgun purchases." 

What a fine idea!  Today, I can go to any private 
individual, car dealer or car show and buy any kind 
of car I like, for cash, credit, or trade.  I don't 
have to complete any background checks, endure any 
waiting period, undergo any police or government 
scrutiny before I can enjoy my new car.  I can enjoy 
my private property rights with the purchase of a car.

Today, I can buy a car with 4, 6 or even 8 cylinders.  
It can go as fast as physics and engineering allow.  
It can have hundreds of horsepower.  It can use as much
or little fuel as I'd like it to.  It can be made of 
plastic or steel.  I can keep this car on my private 
property and use it when and where I please on my 
private property.  My 12-year-old son can drive my car 
on our private property, to teach him safe driving and 
handling of a car.

Today, I have no obligation to register, license or title 
a car unless I plan to use it on public property.  If I 
were to buy a "Suburban Assault Vehicle" with 8 cylinders 
and the capability to go over 100 miles per hour, I could 
drive it on my private property, or the private property 
of my friends, with no license, permit or other government 

This exact same standard must be applied to all guns, of every 
kind.  Before we can carry or use our guns on public or 
government property, we must be licensed.  And, once 
licensed, we must be allowed to carry and transport our 
guns in accordance with state laws, just as we are allowed 
to drive our cars in accordance with local speed laws.

However, if we do not plan to carry our guns on public or 
government property, or fire them on state or public owned 
land, there must not be any restriction on our purchase, 
transfer, ownership or disposal of our guns.  We must be 
able to buy any gun we choose, store it in our homes, fire 
it on private property, carry it on private property with no
need for licensing, titling or other regulation, just as we 
can with cars, snowmobiles, boats, etc.

I urge the public to support this measure - license guns 
just like cars.  

Permission to reprint or re-mail for your own use is granted, as long as original authorship is noted as being by Will England. © 2000, All Rights Reserved.

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