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Below is a letter I fired off to, well, everyone.

August 19, 1999

Just heard a very interesting report on NPR this morning.  
Apparently, the city of Chicago is cracking down on illegal 
gun sales and strawman sales.  Bravo to them!  The 
interesting part though is the statistics quoted in the 
report.  Chicago has had a complete ban on handguns since 
the early 1980's.  However, even with this complete ban on 
guns, nearly all of the 700+ murders committed in the city 
last year were done with guns.  Also, all but 4 of the 
gang-related murders were committed with guns. 

     "In 1998, Chicago had 704 homicides, 536 of them 
      attributable to  guns, police spokesman Pat Camden 
      said. Gangs members were  responsible for 182 homicides, 
      all but four involving guns." 
          http://abcnews.go.com/wire/US/AP19990818_361.html (link 404, sorry)

What this says to me is that banning guns simply does not work.  
The criminals (gang members) will always have guns.  They are 
criminals - they disobey the law.  It's just that simple.  The
 Chicago gun-ban has not reduced crime; in fact, last year was 
one of the most violent years in recent history. 1997 was nearly 
as bad, with over 65,000 violent crimes, according to the FBI 
crime statistics. The Chicago gun-ban has prevented law-abiding 
regular people from buying guns.   

And why do people need to buy guns?  It's a violent world out 
there.  Yes, we can reduce violence by teaching our children 
and avoiding violent input to our minds, but in the short 
term, real world, people need protection.  There were over 
700 murders in Chicago last year.  How many of those murders 
could have been prevented if the average person had been 
carrying a concealed weapon and was trained in the proper and 
lawful use of the concealed weapon?  

People are dying, thousands every year, because they simply 
cannot purchase or legally carry a concealed weapon.  This is 
wrong.  No amount of gun-banning or regulating will prevent 
the criminals and the gang-bangers from getting their guns.  
Proper enforcement of existing laws, sensible laws allowing 
people to own and carry guns, and stiff punishment for 
violating gun laws will make matters better.

Food for thought.

Will England

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