The Family Gathering

October, 1999

On a fine weekend in Kansas City, parts of 5 families gathered in the Plaza to meet and celebrate.

Follow the images below for a glimpse into the fun and fellowship!

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Carol met Jen and Mike when they arrived Friday afternoon.
Jen had the chance to show Ken and Pat her engagement ring!
Later, we met for Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.
Even shy Betty allowed her picture to be taken!
We gathered and introductions were made. However, the Cheesecake Factory was too busy!
We went across the street to Figlios, where we had no delay
Much fine food and laughter ensued
From left to right: Mike, Jen, Carol, Betty, Dan, the top of Ken's head, Ann, Pat, Marty, Jessie, Becky, and Kate
From left to right -- Ann, Pat, Marty, Jessie, Becky, and Kate
Ken, Ann, Pat and Marty shared wine and stories of their children
After dinner, the young folk were feeling frisky
Siblings and siblings-in-law ganged up on each other
It was decided a walk was in order
We found a fountain
and a creek
And watched the birds fly over the buildings.
As we walked, music was heard echoing off the buildings of the Plaza
A band! Playing live jazz and blues!
Now this is not something you see
just every day
in downtown KCK
After seeing the sites and jamming with the band, some shopping was in order!
We all found our favorites, from clothing to candy, from Z-scale trains to Animitronic Dinosaurs...
...but, Carol found the best of all!
Enough! we cried, and headed home for a rest!

Later that evening, Ken and Pat took the young folks from Kansas (Mike, Jen, Carol and myself, Will) to the Herford House.
The food was excellent, and the scotch even better!

Many thanks to Ken, Pat, Marty, Ann, Dan, Betty, Jessie, Becky, Kate, Seth, Carol, Mike, Jen and anyone else I've managed to forget about!

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